In 2015, the juggernaut that was the PWRA/WCRA Convention reached the next level. It officially became The HUGE Convention.



The location moved to the Gaylord National in Fort Washington, Maryland in the Greater Washington DC area. National Harbor is a destination in and of itself with over 150 shops and boutiques, 30+ dining destinations, and waterfront activities such as boating, movies, and live music with lots of family-friendly activities including the Sky Wheel and Children’s Museum. The Gaylord National was a great venue- almost as many rooms as the Gaylord National but all around one magnificent atrium instead of five. That meant a lot more elevator riding instead of walking for miles inside!

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The change of venue proved to be a fortuitous move. Instead of the 400 contractors that were expected and prepared for, last minute ticket sales (including many at the door!) put the number of contractor attendees at a record-breaking 507 “behinds in seats”. The main room was set for 500 but with the 150+ vendors present something had to give. The screen and projector were replaced by additional tables and chairs were lined around the perimeter of the room to give adequate seating for the main event.

The convention unofficially began at 6 am with the second annual “Early Risers Round Tables” hosted by Terry Miller on the Cherry Blossom Veranda. After a brief delay due to a medical issue with one of the speakers, the show commenced in the Cherry Blossom Ballroom. The air was electric as the charismatic Perry Tait, fresh off a 23 hour flight from Shanghai, opened the convention with a rousing exercise that raised the body’s testosterone “can do” levels while decreasing stress- related cortisol. Everyone in attendance was doing the “V for Victory!” stance.



The keynote address was given by business coach and bestselling author Howard Partridge. “Stop Being a Slave To Your Business” was riveting for all in attendance, contractor and vendor alike. He literally had the crowd on its feet as he rearranged 500+ people to physically demonstrate the four basic personality traits of the DISC system and how they interacted with each other. He explained the importance of implementing systems and how they could free the business owner from the shackles of the 24/7 job of being an entrepreneur. Next up was sales trainer extraordinaire Santiago Arango with “The 7 Ms of Marketing”. He laid out the basics of an effective marketing campaign and really showed the audience how to effectively market to their target base and not waste time and money with inefficient or counterproductive strategies.



The trade show opened at 1 pm and it was packed until 7 pm when we had to turn the lights off and lock the doors. Several vendors mentioned that they had never had sales like this at any show in their history of doing industry trade shows. The first round of prizes and giveaways ended Day 1 with a BANG!


Saturday kicked off the breakout sessions.

Special Thanks!

“Track Your Marketing ROI” by Anya Curry
“Introduction to Sales” by Thad Eckhoff
“Strategic Marketing Positioning” by Matt Adwell
“Government and Commercial Sales” by Ryan Wilkins
“Direct Marketing That Really Works” by Steve Fischgrund
“Creating Word of Mouth Advertising” by Rick Wren
“How Smooth Is Your Ride?” by Howard Partridge
“Systemized Pricing” by David Carrol
“Effective Advertising and Marketing” by Michael Goeller
“Selling To Property Managers” by Meg and Bo Josetti
“Have An Awesome Trade Show Booth” by Beth Borrego
“Automate Your Business” by Jack Kramer
“When OSHA Knocks On Your Door” by Jeremy Kiefer
“Sleeping With the Boss” panel discussion
“From Chaos to Focus” by Michael Hinderliter



Once again the grand finale was at the trade show. Attendees gathered in the 36,000 square foot Prince George C for the last and biggest of the over $30,000.00 of prizes given away at the convention. The big winner of this year’s convention was Gary Dangelo of New York, New York. He beat out his competitors to take home the $10,000 hot water skid graciously donated to the PWRA by GCI Largo!



It will be hard to top this year’s record-breaking show, but will be back at the Gaylord National in Maryland on August 12, 13 to make a run for the gold again! Get your tickets now.


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Trade show set up!


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