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Employees, ask your boss!

Are you an employee looking to attend the 2020 Huge Convention but not sure how to ask your employer? We have you covered! Here is a sample proposal in which you can download, edit and give to your boss. This proposal outlines why it would be beneficial for an employee to attend an industry event like this and goes over approximate costs. Download the proposal. Be sure to click “File” and Download in your preferred source to make your own edits. You can download in Microsoft Word, PDF, etc.

Husbands, ask your wife!

Mixing business and pleasure is no good, right? WRONG! We strongly encourage contractors to bring their spouses. Why? Well, there are a ton of good reasons. If your spouse is reluctant to come with you, share with them some of these reasons!

Make a family vacation out of it – Many attendees double their convention trip as a family vacation. Bring your spouse and the kids to kill two birds with one stone. There is truly a ton to do in Atlanta for the entire family!

Rest and reset – Everyone needs a break from their business. Soak up everything at the convention AND enjoy the down time with your spouse so you can leave supercharged, relaxed, motivated and ready to return to work. Your business and relationship will thank you!

Include your spouse in your business – Including your spouse in your business can be one of the most rewarding things ever! Even if they don’t directly work with you, it can even make your relationship stronger. Hey, it’s nice to be included!

 A person to bounce ideas off of – Another perspective is crucial. With so much information being tossed around in the classes, it’s easy to miss those “golden nuggets” or tidbits that can really change your business. Having your spouse there is helpful in writing notes or remembering which information you can use later.

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