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August 19th


8:00 AM Event Kick-off and Keynote Address

11:11 AM Trade Show Opens

1:00 PM Breakout Sessions Begin

5:00 PM Conference Day Ends

August 20th


8:00 AM Main Stage Event – Atrium Ballroom

11:11 AM Trade Show Opens

1:00 PM Breakout Sessions

4:00 PM Give-aways at Trade Show

5:00 PM Conference Closes


Main Stage Speakers


Jason Evers: [8:15-9am] Thursday

Jason Evers has been coached and mentored by some of the most successful people in the world. For over a quarter century he has been the owner and C.M.O (Chief Marketing Officer) for one of the largest maintenance companies of it’s kind in Southwest Florida. Jason’s ultimate passion is coaching people and businesses in achieving massive results. His years of experience in running several successful businesses and motivating people, not only to hit their targets, but to exceed them BIG TIME! This has earned him praise from people all over the world. He speaks on various stages worldwide giving his audiences the motivation needed to overcome fear and increasing confidence to take action to massively improve their personal and business lives. Jason is a Business/Branding and Marketing Strategist He’s traveled to over 20 countries on 5 different Continents speaking to audiences, strategizing and creating blueprints for entrepreneurs to achieve massive results.


Ellen Rohr [9-9:50a] Thursday

Ellen nearly sank her husband’s plumbing company. It seemed like lots of money was moving through the company, but at the end of the month there was never any money left. With the help of great mentors, Ellen figured out how to fix and grow successful businesses.  She teaches business planning and financial literacy, helping contractors make business simpler and more profitable. Now, she is an owner and President of ZOOM DRAIN Franchise, LLC. a new franchise concept with 20 locations across the country.  Ellen is the author of four un-fussy business books:  Where Did the Money Go?, How Much Should I Charge?, The Bare Bones Biz Plan and The Weekend Biz Plan. She also hosts a regular podcast – Behind the Wall – for


Curt Kempton [8:15-9a] Friday

Curt Kempton is the creator of ResponsiBid. He is laser focused on “restoring order and enthusiasm to the service industry”.Curt graduated in 2005 from ASU’s business school as the “outstanding graduating student of his class” while simultaneously managing a bicycle shop for 5 years fitting customers to custom bicycles. He then spent 8 years growing his own window cleaning and pressure washing business from the ground up. He learned that he was a fanatic about systems and attributes all of his success to this focus.He sold his service company in 2014 and has passionately been working full-time on ResponsiBid ever since.Curt now helps service companies fine tune their quoting process from being a shot in the dark to helping them close better jobs at higher average prices— with less effort. He consults with hundreds of business owners to help them refine their companies’ culture around great sales systems and beautiful customer experiences. He and his incredible wife Rachel have 4 amazing kids and live in the Phoenix area.

Brandon Vaughn [9-9:50a] Friday

For decades, Brandon Vaughn witnessed his own father’s drive and dedication owning/operating a small window cleaning business. For 33 years, his father ran his small business as a single employee. In 2012, his father was diagnosed with a serious illness that prevented him from performing the physical tasks required to keep the business running. Brandon purchased the business with a promise to grow it in order to support his parents. In under 6 seasons, Brandon grew the business from zero to over 70 employees (hiring 25 employees in only 30 days), increasing revenues from $8k/mo to over $450k/mo. In 2017, he was awarded the S.B.A Small Business Person of the Year award for the state of Oregon. Today, Brandon helps thousands of small business owners systemize and scale their companies through his company CONQUER®, which provides personalized mentorship and training programs for small business owners. Brandon has started a brand new service business from scratch using resources in CONQUER® and has scaled his new service company from 0 to $100,000/mo in only 4 months.

Breakout Sessions

Thursday Featured Breakouts 10:10AM

7 Strategies to Land New Clients With Reviews and Referrals | Troy Howard

Troy teaches 7 strategies that a business can implement immediately to start getting more reviews and referrals from their clients. He walks through each strategy and gives step by step instructions on how to implement it in their business. He presents several cases studies on businesses that have successfully followed the 7 strategies and how it has grown their business.

Are you…
– Struggling to find new clients?
– Fighting to fill your schedule every day?
– Wanting to attract higher paying clients?

You will walk away with ways to apply immediate action in all of the following areas:

– Build a referral network by maximizing your staff and clients as brand ambassadors

– Fill your schedule by utilizing the immediate social proof that comes from believable and authentic reviews

– How to utilize these reviews in your online and print marketing to close more sales

– Learn how to prevent or combat negative reviews that may be hurting your reputation

​​​​​​​Using these strategies, see exactly how:

– Guess Orthodontics generated $14,000 in 5 weeks
– Funk Chiropractic got 87 reviews in one week
​​​​​​​- Best of Utah Moving got over 600 leads in 6 months!

Make Good Decisions|Dan Platta

Dan is the CEO of Blue Skies Services, a unicorn in the home service industry. Blue Skies operates cleaning companies in 4 different locations across the US, including both interior (maid service) and exterior (windows, gutters, siding, roofs, & holiday lights), as well as an administrative service company that helps other operators in the service industry with recruiting, bookkeeping, and marketing. Dan happens to be a bit of a RED-neck, beard turning WHITE, BLUE collar accounting nerd, and you can often times find him multitasking on his quickbooks app from a tree stand or boat. You might also catch him on his facebook page, Bookkeeping, Beer, and BS, or as a guest/cohost on the Blue Collar Recruiting facebook page. Dan is obsessive about 2 things: 1) helping other business owners work through the same challenges that Blue Skies has had to work through over the years, and 2) teaching his daughters the right way to jig a for a walleye and hold it way out when taking a picture SO IT LOOKS BIGGER. Dan is pretty confident that he will be able to add some value to your business, and he is equally confident that he’ll be able to make it not super boring, so check it out!

Thursday 1:00

How to Market your Business on a Shoestring Budget | Jason Geiman

Jason will review several ways to find leads that are no-to-low cost. Marketing areas that will be covered include: Google My Business, LinkedIn, yard signs, and more.

The 6-Pillars of A Resilient Business | Danny Kerr

Practical tools to recession-proof your business.

How to Build an Auto-Pilot Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing Business| Jim DuBois

Covering the importance of branding, marketing, business evolution, mistakes holding you back, finding and keeping A-Player employees, systemization, all presented in a fluid step-by-step easy to understand, take it home and implement way.

To Be Successful, Burn Your Business: Light These 3 Things on Fire Right Now!| Michelle Jeppesen

Sometimes it’s necessary to burn fires to different parts of your business to really grow in the most effective and efficient ways.

You’ll learn how to:
*Make more money doing less work
*Remove people and processes that are draining the life out of your business
*Get out of your own way (stop sabotaging your own success!)

By the end – you’ll have a whole new way to look at your business with new tactics to put into motion right away for less stress and faster business growth.

Thursday 2:00

Maximizing Lifetime Customer Value, A Franchisor’s Perspective | Michael Grigery
  • How to build a viciously loyal customer list

  • A step by step guide to getting more customers, using more services more often

  • Defining a service portfolio with price & frequency metrics

Grow Your Exterior Cleaning Business By Acquiring More Property Management Work | Josh Taylor

I am a Husband, Father of 4, ex ER Nurse turned Entrepreneur. While my passion is in helping other small business owners, I am also a business owner myself. In 2 seasons my wife and I scaled our small power washing company from $250k/ year to over $1.3M and are currently on track to hit $2.5M with 2 locations this year. My path was not easy and so by working with other small business owners I hope to help them avoid some of the pitfalls and “skip to the front of the line.” I love marketing, growth planning, and budgets. Team is everything, and surrounding myself with great people has been the key to our company’s success. Outside of work I have a passion for adventure and fitness, so in my spare time you can find me Jumping out of airplanes, at the local crossfit gym or on the wrestling Mat with my kids.

Becoming An Owner-Operator Millionaire | AC Lockyer

Ten guaranteed steps to be a CASH millionaire and retire at 50.

Thursday 3:00

How We’ve Learned To Market Smarter, Not Harder | Anna Koehler

I would like to speak to those in need of marketing IQ. Home services are booming, leaving many to believe that they don’t need a marketing plan or even to market. But what happens when the bubble burst? I will briefly lay out how I build my clients’ brand to soar not only when the market is hot, but to thrive even when it is not, by reaching consumers from the top to the bottom of the marketing funnel.

How a $100,000 company can make an extra $100,000 in PROFITS in 1 Year without spending $1 extra in expenses | Meaghan Likes
Learn 3 simple ways to double your profits without increasing your expenses this year
1.  How to Use your Conversion Rate to Raise your Prices Smartly
2.  Quick & Easy ways to Increase your Average Ticket
3. Optimizing your Routes to Increase Efficiency
Build Your Own Garage Floor Coating Business | Dave Schneider / Ben Grier

This presentation will focus on the fundamentals of the Garage Flooring Business while introducing attendees to valuable insight as it relates to:

1. Selecting the appropriate garage flooring products / Systems for your market and climate .
2. Top mistakes by new garage flooring installers and how to avoid them.
3. The economics behind a successful garage flooring business.
4. How to differentiate your garage flooring business in your local market.

Thursday 4:00

Building a Reliable Training Program for Growth | Michael Hinderliter

Creating a systemized training process that will consistently train new hires the exact same way every time so that you can focus on the growth of your company.

Creating a Fanbase To Become An Industry Leader | Ray Burke
Learn why Social proof is the go-to resource for getting more leads and sales for your business. Even more powerful than a company’s marketing assets. In order to harness the power of social proof for your business you need to go beyond creating loyal customers and develop a fanbase. A fanbase that will allow you to grow and scale quicker.
What is your company worth? Succession planning, Mergers, and aquisitions | Tony Morgan

Answer these questions. If you need help, or can’t answer them, Tony can help!

1. Do I have a succession plan?
2. What am I worth?
3. How do I ad value to what I am worth, in the eyes of a prospective buyer?
4. What are some basic practices I should avoid that will cost value to my company?
5. Will my guys be taken care of?
6. What if I want to continue in the industry but am tired of carrying all the liability, and or having all my financial eggs in this one basket?
7. When do I know its time to get out?

We have seen many owners not give thought to these points and end up selling their companies for a fraction of the potential number; mostly just not knowing the answers to some of these points.


Friday 10:10

Failure To Implement | Howard Partridge

A lot of businesses fail because they do not know how to effectively implement. Howard shows you how to do this to grow your business.

Friday 1:00

5 Simple Steps That Will Help You Create The Systems You Need, Quickly And Easily | Caleb Winniger

Are you dazed and confused? Did you run out of bleach or squeegee rubber? You need systems!

How to Hire In a Lean Labor Market | Brian Hegerty

Are you having trouble hiring in this market? Brian can give you tips and tricks to find A-Team Players. 

Fight Club for Business Panel with Brandon Vaughn

Panel discussion with the Fight Club Ladies and Brandon Vaughn where they tackle tough business decisions.

Friday 2:00

Generating a Massive Amount of Google Reviews| Bobby Walker

Bobby will tackle the small but important details in the customer lifecycle that lead to a lot of Google reviews.

Minimal Changes For Million Dollar Results | Wesley Bloeme

How to make small, incremental changes that will have an immediate impact on your business and life. 

How to Market Your Company Effectively Without Spending Money | Dave Kaminski

I will present 3 points that will light any company’s website and online presence on fire.

These are all extremely powerful marketing methods that are 100% FREE to do and will create real results.

1. Google Business. In this part of the presentation, I will show everything Google needs to promote your business. From Pictures, Blog Posts to Coupons, and even updates on business. Google gives us the tools to promote our businesses, but most people are unaware they exist, or even how to use these tools. I will show how to use a Smart Phone to take images and increase their Google Maps listings in service areas they want more business in! I will also show business owners HOW TO GET ON THE MAPS with their company; even how to get on the maps in service areas far away from their office location where they want more work.

2. Blog Posts. Blog posts sounds extremely old fashioned and out of date, but when I show how they can be used effectively, the audience will be blown away! I will show real life examples of how I’ve made $100,000s with my simple Blog Posts in my own company. I even got one of my companies on page 1, Spot#1 of Google and Maps within 3 days for Snow Removal Services, Lift Rentals, Rooftop Anchor Testing, Window Cleaning, and more! I will show the audience that properly using TAGS in a Blog Post is a Golden Ticket because whatever you type in your TAGS is what you are telling Google should be the search terms for your Blog Post.

3. Collaborating. The other methods are good, but this on is the most powerful. I will show the audience that if they Collaborate together with similar businesses they will get some pretty amazing results. I will also show them that promoting each other as pressure washing companies or window cleaning companies will do far more good for them than they can even realize. If I have a website related to window cleaning and I “talk” about another window cleaner, then it helps both of us, and Google rewards websites that are similarly related. The BEST part of this is that there are hundreds of window cleaners and pressure washers at this conference. If they all join together, they are much stronger and trusted than if they were all alone.

I like to relate this to a large company like Starbucks. They have thousands of locations all across the US, and any coffee company that wants to compete will be hard pressed.

Another example is Yelp, Angie’s List, and Home Advisor. They all list 5 to 10 other companies all in our industries. This gives them strength because they are collaborating these companies together in their own town and cities. With proper collaboration, all pressure washing and window cleaning companies will be above all Yelp and Home Advisor listings!

Friday 3:00

Sales, Training and Problem Solving| Mike Kilgore

Join Mike from Trident Products as he works thorough the typical problems facing business owners.

Abc's Intro to Chemicals | Hazen Warlick

Learn how to choose the most appropriate chemicals to use for specific problems that window cleaners encounter.

Why My Mom and Google Hates Your Website | Victor Hubbard

Google changes over 500 ranking factors yearly, with at least four major updates that could leave your website visibility falling drastically in the search engine rankings. Victor will identify critical website ranking factors that could bury a website in search engine results and listings during this presentation. He will discuss what businesses need to know about Google and how to comply with pertinent changes. With over 20 years of marketing experience, Victor will provide tips and tricks to correctly optimize a website and create a user-friendly website that leads to conversion. Using real-life examples of clients in power-washing, he will focus on how to fine-tune your website to meet customer expectations, Google requirements, and start seeing quality traffic and generate valuable leads.