August 27th & 28th 2020









Exact times are not solidified yet but classes will run Thursday to Saturday with a showcase on vendors on Sunday. And there will also be Live interaction with Speakers and Vendors throughout the day Thursday and Friday with a schedule of that being posted as soon as possible. Classes are in no particular order below!
Automate Grow Sell LIVE Event | Brandon Vaughn
After growing his cleaning company from 8k/mo to 450k/mo in less than 6 years and being awarded the S.B.A Small Business Person of the Year for the state of Oregon in 2017, Brandon wanted to find a way to give back to the community that had given so much to him. As Automate Grow Sell’s visionary, Brandon Vaughn is actively creating generational change in the home services industry. “Our community thrives on business systems and personal development. Creating balanced entrepreneurial lives through coaching and systems and taking time to remember why we’re entrepreneurs in the first place.” Don’t miss this epic LIVE event!
5-Hour Work-Week, While Netting $200,000 | John Stevenson
Are you sick of spending 40-60 hours a week in your business? Tired of not having the freedom to go on vacations or spend time with your family because of how much your business is demanding of you? Learn the secrets of building a Real Business that makes you money regardless if you are there or not. In this presentation, you will learn to stop working “in” your business, and instead build a money-producing machine that will not demand your everyday involvement.
Three Lessons I Wish I Would've Known 15 Years Ago | Tommy Mello
Tommy Mello, author of Home Service Millionaire, goes into detail about the top three things he wished he knew 15 years ago. So what are you going to get out of today’s session? Learning how to maximize yourself, how to maximize the process and technology and how to maximize your team.
Is Your Business All Washed Up? | Steve Lance
Even before this pandemic, you were facing extraordinary new challenges in your industry. From global pricing competition to digital innovations to the inroads of automation, your customers have an infinite range of options and price points. Why should they choose you? No matter how big or small your marketing goals, you’ve got to take a fresh, hard look at that question and answer it—from your customers’ point of view. We’ll take you through the process of reimagining your business and refocusing your branding message…and give you the workbook and tools you need to remain relevant in the coming years.
Top 5 Things To Be A Successful Entrepreneur | Michael Hinderliter
A wise man learns from his mistakes, a smart man learns from other peoples mistakes. Michael Hinderliter has been in the industry for many years and he is here to discuss the top 5 things in his opinion that you need to do to be a successful entrepreneur. He knows what works and what doesn’t work.
Selling to Today’s Customer the Way They Want to Buy | Curt Kempton
In today’s world, the way people buy things has evolved. Curt Kempton will walk you through the key components of the changes in the last few decades. You will spot trends and find what you can do to adapt to being the obvious choice to your prospects. Curt has worked with service professionals all over the world every day for the last 10 years to learn about the trends of selling services as well as the different strategies people are using to determine what is working and what is not.
How to Use Reviews to Win Sales | Lars Kristensen
For leads, referrals, and search engine rankings, social proof and reputation marketing are more powerful than ever. Learn methods to get more reviews, hot to deal with negative reviews, and most importantly, how to use your reviews to win sales.
How a $100,000 company can make an extra $100,000 in PROFITS in 1 Year without spending $1 extra dollar in expenses… | Meaghan Likes
If you are in the home service industry, you really aren’t going to want to miss this class. In just half an hour Meaghan will show you how a $100,000 company can earn an extra $100,000 in income in 1 year without spending 1 extra dollar. Meaghan walk you through the 3 simple changes she made to her window cleaning business to double our profits in less than one year.
How Industry Leading Client Service Can Scale Your Business | David Moerman
Learn the Importance of serving your client and how chasing a quality job results in more reviews and more work. This presentation also dives into the Importance of a CRM to help with the process of scaling your business. The benefits that can come from a really high level of service will pay back your company tenfold.
The 3 Things You Must Possess To Finally Get Un-Stuck, Unlock Your Dreams And Earn The Money You Know You Deserve | Joshua Latimer
Josh has worked personally with over 1,000 home service business owners and along the way has discovered some interesting patterns. What separates the highest of achievers from everyone else? The answer will surprise you…
Tune in and find teaching content you have never heard before explained in a way that actually helps you get immediate results.
Measuring Success Online | Michael Grigery
How do you know if you’re doing it right? Identifying what to measure and how to measure it is what separates the good companies from the great ones. Take a deep dive into the most common reports ran by the most successful home service companies and start taking action today!
Math of Multiplication | Adam Scrader
In this presentation we are going to examine what may appear to the untrained eye as additional expenses, however that expense can actually multiply your profit. Conventional thinking RARELY leads to generational wealth. Conventional thinking almost never leads to Passive Residual Income. Passive Residual Income leads to Wealth, with near uniformity.
Creating a Fanbase To Become An Industry Leader | Shawn Hill
Learn why Social proof is the go-to resource for getting more leads and sales for your business. Even more powerful than a company’s marketing assets. In order to harness the power of social proof for your business you need to go beyond creating loyal customers and develop a fanbase. A fanbase that will allow you to grow and scale quicker.
Bookkeeping - Your Secret Weapon | Dan Platta
We have Dan Platta and we are talking about bookkeeping which can actually be the secret weapon to profitability in your business. Think about it, the best way to make money is by having money and knowing where your expenses are going and knowing what’s making and costing you money. Learn how to structure your books to help make you money as well as other helpful things.
When the Customer is Wrong… How to Effectively Communicate with Difficult Customers | Michelle Jeppesen & Nicole Rivera
We all know the customer isn’t really always right. So how do you approach a customer whose perspective is inaccurate without jeopardizing your business relationship with them? Learn the vital communication skills you need to be able to approach difficult situations sensitively but effectively.
The Human Element: Understanding and Working With People | Nathan Redelfs
Learn how to understand and work with people. Create credibility, consistency and quality within your customer relations. If you have employees, you need to consider culture, documentation and systems. Nathan dives into the psychology behind working with people and why this should matter to you.
5 Gifts of Confidence and 5 Tips to Unwrap Them | Jamie Dandar
Are you ready to silence self-doubt and build a foundation of unshakable confidence? When you have a STRONG base of confidence it creates a fortress that allows you to stand up for yourself, speak up and command respect. You don’t get nearly as frazzled or rattled with the people or situations that once intimidated you. Achieve professional success and personal fulfillment by thriving with confidence!
Being Clean, Lean and Profitable: The 80/20 Principle | Sid Graef
The 80/20 rule is a simple and general principle. Plain and simple: 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. It’s really difficult to accept that 80% or more of what we do, just doesn’t matter much (usually). So, find out what you are good at (your superpower) and do everything you can to focus on that and cut away everything else. Apply the 80/20 to your business.
How To Turn Your Website Into a Sales Machine | Riley Pototschnik
Is your website a glorified business card or a super-charged lead converting sales machine? Attend this fast-paced session and learn easy to implement website strategies that will drive more leads, get them excited to do business with you, and put them in a position to buy on-the-spot or give you their contact information.
Tame All Your Communication With Slack | Michelle Myers
Everything you do is on your cell phone right? You are running a business and on the go and it’s super important to streamline those communications! In this presentation, Michelle Myers from Pink Callers shows us one way to streamline your communication with a program called Slack that can organize communication between you and your team.
Persistence: How Being Too Dumb to Quit is the Smartest Move You Will Ever Make | Mike Dingler
In this lesson we will explore common pitfalls of the service based business owner and how to push through them and prevent them from happening again. We will touch on your business’ reputation, equipment, customer relations, and knowing your audience, clients and self. Problems happen everyday and small business owners should see most of these occurences as an opportunity to improve ourselves and our businesses.
Training Principles To Produce Competent Employees | Martha Woodward
Implement strategies to KEEP employees – it all starts with your training program. Martha Woodward will walk you through some simple strategies to utilize your hiring system and produce competent employees who actually produce great work!
Direct Mail: A Broad Overview | Steve Fischgrund
This presentation is a broad overview of what direct mail is and how to go about sending out a direct mail campaign. The presentation also lightly dives into potential costs of a campaign as well as how to calculate the success of your campaign. Lastly, I explain the key differences between standard “Bulk Mail” and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) as well as explaining why EDDM is an essential marketing vehicle for any local service-based business.
How to Build your Brand with Story | Casey Sharpenson
In today’s market, the consumer has the power of infinite choice. What makes your business stand out? Why would a consumer choose your company over the others online? In this session, you will learn how to identify your personal and/or brand story that will attract the clients that you desire. A powerful story told on a website, on social media, and in-person is a key factor that will make your company stand out from the crowd in a unique and ultimately, profitable way.
In every meeting, you’ve said it about them, they’ve said it about you. Seconds wasted equals money lost and that’s what happens when you are unprepared and giving any type of speech or presentation. Whether that’s to one person or thousands. Lewis is going to give you some insight into, what he calls, the costly business problem no one ever notices and some practical tips and information you can start using today to begin fixing this problem.
Multi Touch Marketing | David Carroll
Today we are talking to David Carroll regarding Multi-Touch Marketing – maybe you have heard of it or thought about doing it but we dive into the specifics and why you SHOULD be doing it in your business. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming or complicated. We simplify the process. If you can create a consistent message across multiple platforms you can have some major success in marketing. See you on the inside!
Increase Profits With Package Selling | Doug Gore
Do you need to schedule 4 or 5 jobs per day just to make a living? Learn how package selling helps create a much higher revenue and keeps you in one location doing more services! Doug Gore of Cajun Soft Wash in Baton Rouge, LA, is here to show you the way!
The 3 Things You Must Possess To Finally Get Un-Stuck, Unlock Your Dreams And Earn The Money You Know You Deserve | Joshua Latimer
Josh has worked personally with over 1,000 home service business owners and along the way has discovered some interesting patterns. What separates the highest of achievers from everyone else? The answer will surprise you… Tune in and find teaching content you have never heard before explained in a way that actually helps you get immediate results.
The Power of Habits | Jonathan Maynard
We have Jonathan here who will dive into the power of habits and the psychology behind it. You need the right tools to build good habits (whether those habits are related to your business or personal life). So how exactly do we make better habits and break the bad habits? We have three simple rules for you to follow so tune in!
Building Your Dream Business | Chris Martinez
You have a dream business but do you have a plan to get to that dream? Have you identified exactly what your dream business looks like? If you are wishing or hoping or dreaming to build a better business, this is the class for you. This is the formula Chris uses in his company each year. Don’t hope your next year will be better, make it better. Follow these steps and tune in!

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