Bringing your significant other with you to the huge convention can be fun for both of you! If you are looking to justify your attendance consider turning your trip to a romantic getaway or even a family vacation. If done right, you can kill two birds with one stone. A lot of member attendees forget that they are not tied to the convention 24/7. There is plenty of downtime to enjoy with the people that you love.

Get a fresh perspective! – We encounter many business owners that work with their spouses. Whether they man the office, the phones or are out there in the field with you—there is a lot to take away from the convention. Your better half may have a fresh perspective and new ideas on how to best use the information you learn at the convention. Not to mention, the convention is loads of fun! If they have any interest in the industry (and we hope they do!) they won’t want to miss the most exciting industry event of the year! PS check out the newly release seminar schedule!

Make it a romantic vacation! – Turn your downtime at the huge convention into a romantic getaway. Worried about your wife being alone while you’re at the convention? Don’t be! There are a ton of hotel amenities that she can enjoy including: an indoor pool, a spa and salon and more. Don’t be surprised if she wants to stay in the room and relax. The Branson Convention Center offers upscale rooms and many hotel amenities such as a fitness center, spa, restaurants and more! There is also tons of shopping destinations and romantic sights to see. Take your spouse to one of the many idealistic dining locations located in the hotel or within close proximity.

Make it a family vacation! – Combine business with family time—yes. it can be done! Don’t forget to bring the kids! We picked this location on purpose. It has enough attractions and sights to keep you and your family occupied and entertained. Instead of just booking your stay for the two convention days consider planning for an entire week, or however long you can presently afford. The hotel is a short distance from the sites and attractions of Branson MO. There are many family-friendly activities native to the Branson area. Did you know to make getting around the downtown area easy, a free trolley service is provided? You’ll find a trolley stop just outside the Branson Convention Center.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets today!